Biden UK Tour Raising Eyeballs

President Joe Biden traveled to the United Kingdom Monday to meet with King Charles III and Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as part of his efforts ahead of the looming NATO Summit in Lithuania. As expected, there were politicized power plays between the two leaders and, concerningly, persistent questions surrounding Biden’s age and fitness to lead the United States in a second term should he win reelection.

During the meeting, Biden had to be visibly led around by handler King Charles, 74, in an apparent role reversal not uncommonly seen in recent times. Fox News’ Mike Emanuel said of the exchange “Joe Biden had to be physically led by King Charles for portions of the walk,” something particularly obvious in the below clip of the two men. As seen in the video the two men are both walking together almost as if in slow motion, with Biden appearing to hold onto the upper arm of King Charles for stability at one point.

The visibly weakened performance of the 80-year-old Biden has prompted widespread questions surrounding his ability to lead the United States through a second term should he win the 2020 election, ones which his team has been forced to address on numerous occasions. Biden’s answer is often the same — “Watch me.”

The now-frequent scenes of Biden’s handler-led public appearances have come as a result of a conveniently timed report which detailed his allegedly abusive behavior towards staff, something which was further compounded by an explosive clip from a 2018 speech he gave where he proclaimed that “the only way we're going to beat Donald Trump is with you, because you know something about the soul of this country.”

At this point, it is increasingly apparent that the Biden administration is struggling to stem the tide of questions surrounding his age and fitness to remain in the White House. What initially began as a growing sense of doubts has morphed into something more substantial, making it all the more difficult for Biden to convince the public that he is fit to stay in office for another four years.

Adding to the concern is the fact that California Governor Gavin Newsom appears to be strategically elevating his national profile, and Vice President Kamala Harris has had to bear the brunt of frequent missteps and word salads, likely in anticipation of her potentially taking over should President Biden step down or pass away while in office.

One thing is clear: with each public Biden appearance, it appears increasingly evident that he is not fit to remain in office for another four years. As such, it appears that Biden’s constant call to “watch me” will have all eyes on him, eagerly awaiting his decision on whether he will stay in office or step aside and allow someone healthier and more capable to take his place.

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