Biden Loses Control On Reporter After Hunter Question - WATCH

President Joe Biden's penchant for public gaffes has been on full display as of late, with him most recently mixing up Iraq and Ukraine in conversations with the press and during a Maryland fundraiser.

Biden was en route to Chicago Wednesday morning to deliver a speech on his 'Bidenomics,' when a reporter asked about the situation in Russia following the attempted coup last weekend. In what was later revealed to be only one of several similar gaffes, Biden responded that Russian President Vladimir Putin "is clearly losing the war in Iraq."

When asked about the whistleblower disclosures involving his son Hunter's communication with foreign nationals, Biden became visibly frustrated, shouting "No I wasn't!" when asked if he was involved.

Not content with his controversial answer and verbal outburst, Biden went on to confuse China and India during a Tuesday fundraising event, further adding to the growing concern among Americans over the president's fitness for office. Biden's approval rating has slid to under 40%, and this most recent series of gaffes isn't likely to improve matters.

After the press pool had compiled a report on the president's "confusing moments," the White House press team was quick to respond that the confusion was due to "fatigue" and would be addressed in the future.

Still, commentators in the media are hesitant to condone the president's behavior and are quick to point out the potential danger of allowing a leader who frequently muddles up information especially in regards to geopolitical events to remain in office.

Right-leaning media outlets have been particularly vocal in calling out Biden's gaffes, with some pundits even questioning if the president is suffering from a cognitive issue.

White House aides have attempted to shield the president from direct public inquiries by limiting his media interaction and bypassing cameras at most public appearances. However, it remains clear that more must be done to ensure Biden's statements are clear, concise, and accurate, or his time in office may be short-lived.

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