Biden Got A New Nickname & He's Not Going To Like It

A recent Axios report gave an unvarnished look at Joe Biden’s management style in the White House, one filled with profane shouting matches and scathing rebukes for even his closest aides.

From “God dammit” outbursts to “Don’t f**king bulls**t me” spiels, President Biden has made it known that no one - even his closest associates - are safe from his temper tantrums. The White House briefings, which Biden himself is renowned for being meticulous about, have become “stump the chump” sessions for less informed aides, as Biden is prone to grill those who don't have the answer.

But his approach seems to have achieved the opposite of his desired effect, as interviews from current and former aides have revealed a president whose attempt to break down barriers has only erected them further.

“Being yelled at by the president has become an internal initiation ceremony in this White House, aides say - if Biden doesn't yell at you, it could be a sign he doesn't respect you,” Axios’s report noted.

The explosive nature of Biden's temper has also left its mark on his public speeches as well, as observers have noticed the president opting to whisper his remarks in some instances.

The Axios story, titled “Old Yeller Joe Biden”, paints an interesting portrait of the president who identifies as the “savior” of America. As Biden continues to suggest major reforms on legislation and policy, his modus operandi behind the scenes seems to be just as targeted, though it has not yet been revealed whether his antics yield the desired results.

The report comes on the heels of other mainstream pieces which have taken an increasingly critical look at Biden’s lack of energy and enthusiasm in public appearances. In the past week alone, the New York Times has twice run pieces which smack the president for not fully recognizing and acknowledging his own granddaughter in Arkansas.

So while Biden fights to save “the soul of America” in the public sphere, it appears his efforts have far greater implications in the Oval Office - one conducted in a flurry of expletives.

It, along with other mainstream stories shedding light on the erratic character of Biden, has led many to believe that the media is beginning to turn its approval away from the president.

Only time will tell if Biden’s brush with agitation will pay off behind closed doors, but one thing is sure - he’s certainly not making many friends.

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