Biden Gets Feisty At Press Conference

President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe to attend various NATO meetings has been a tumultuous one to say the least.

On the first night, the president missed a major dinner in Lithuania due to being “exhausted” from his schedule the prior four days, though he had been to the beach before hopping on the plane to head overseas. Day two saw Biden being continually escorted by other NATO leaders, unable to properly orientate himself. To top it off, he publicly addressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as “Vladimir.”

Finland was the next stop on the Presidential tour, with Biden taking minimal questions from a pre-arranged list of reporters. One of the questions asked by CNN reporter Arlette Saenz was framed to instill a false narrative that Republicans are attempting to tie abortion to defense spending to insert themselves into culture wars. In actuality, the Democratic Party has been trying to include abortion funding initiatives in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This is about as clueless as it gets.

But the tour kept getting stupider, as if the situation wasn’t already embarrassing enough. When it came time for Biden to introduce a few people, as any President would be expected to do, the Commander in Chief failed completely. Instead of formally introducing each person, Biden mumbled something completely incoherent about “a forty’s up”, “the daughter of Ireland”, and “the minister of cobanlin daughter of Iceland.” This is far from a strong sign of leadership for a President who's supposed to be strengthening NATO and intimidating America’s adversaries.

Clearly, Biden’s handlers haven’t been doing a good job of protecting him from uncomfortable situations. The President is 80-years-old and suffers from diminishing mental faculties, yet his team has been asking him to do complex tasks such as reading lists and introducing people. This is no surprise to those who vote for the Biden-Harris ticket, as their decision was based mainly on the assumption that Vice President Kamala Harris would do the work of running the country.

It looks like the expectations for Biden’s trip to Europe have gone unrealized. Instead of showing strength in the face of adversity, the President has been caught blundering several times and appeared confused and disorientated. President Joe Biden’s European tour is going exactly as expected… not well.

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