Zuckerberg Banned Another Famous Conservative for Life

Elon Musk, a self-described "free speech absolutist," successfully purchased one social media giant as another major tech business shut down an account they didn't like. Instagram has once again blocked a well-known conservative, for the same grounds that actually triggered Musk's motive to purchase Twitter in the first place.

The liberal stance of Mark Zuckerberg resulted in the deletion of Tito Ortiz's account. Ortiz was not even given a justification. The account of the former world champion UFC fighter was permanently blocked. The majority of Ortiz's posts on his Instagram account were in favor of safeguarding our kids.

He criticized the liberal left's push to ingrain weird transgender ideology in young people. Ortiz denounced individuals who aim to instill critical race theory in the classroom in order to train kids to hate. The legendary UFC fighter pulled his children from California's public schools.

Like many parents, he decided to home school his children in order to keep them away from the left's indoctrination program. Since then, Ortiz has relocated his kids to Florida, where the state's Republican governor Ron DeSantis is a strong supporter of parental rights.

Despite posts showing his sincere passion for wanting to help children, Instagram periodically warned Ortiz against misinformation. But nothing he ever said was misinformation. His views were his own. All are popular and supported by millions of parents all over the country.

However, these ideas differ from the radical objectives of people like Mark Zuckerberg. The only thing Ortiz would be guilty of is being forthright and honest. These cancel-culture lunatics cannot stand anything or anyone speaking out against them.

They abhor the truth. When the truth exposes their corrupt ambitions, they shut it down. That’s what angered Elon Musk so much about Twitter. Soon, at least one platform will be truly open to free speech.

But in the meantime, the Mark Zuckerbergs’ of the world will try to silence those who disagree with them. It is wrong. This type of blatant censorship goes against the core American values. The amendment protecting freedom of speech in our nation is the first for a reason.

It is the most important of all. After his account was deleted with no warning, Ortiz explained why he thinks this type of injustice happens. Ortiz said, “We are all well aware that the truth is not permissible on Instagram or Facebook.”

He went on to point out how obviously abusive accounts are allowed to operate freely. “I am disgusted with this platform when it allows child pornography, pedophilia, terrorists, and gang members,” he continued.

The proud conservative also noted that his wife lost her account in 2020 for similar reasons. Ortiz insists that dissenting viewpoints are shadowbanned or outright canceled. Like many conservatives, Ortiz exclaimed, “The censorship must stop!”

When crooked liberals like Mark Zuckerberg ban people like Ortiz, no one should be surprised. It’s wrong, but it’s how these radicals manipulate the public narrative. Thankfully, there’s a new sheriff in town at one of these “de facto public town squares.”

There are millions of people just like Tito Ortiz. They have had their voices silenced by the radical left. But there’s fresh hope on the horizon. Conservative views are just as important as those of the radical left. Soon everyone will be heard equally. A little “Twitter bird” told us so.

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