YouTuber Hits the Streets to Prove Younger Generation is Full of Idiots

The present public school system, which is controlled by our corrupt government, has a number of issues. I won't go into them all now, but one of the consequences of all of these issues is a significant dumbing down of our youngsters.

This has been going on for decades, and it appears to be worsening. Thankfully, an increasing number of parents are becoming aware of the issues and opting their children out of public education.

Occasionally, I see videos on YouTube where someone will go out on the street and interview people and ask them questions about certain things that you would expect them to know, but they really have no idea and end up making a fool of themselves on camera. That's exactly what YouTuber Fleccas did.

Fleccas asked young people the easiest questions in the world of basic knowledge that they should have learned in school, yet they have no idea what the answers are.

According to the Daily Wire,

Austen Fletcher, the bearded inquisitor behind the popular channel Fleccas Talks, dispatched TikTok star and man-on-the-street correspondent Justin Awad to New York City this week to test the knowledge of random folks with some trivia questions. You know, trivia. Like, how many eggs are in a dozen? How many years in a decade? Who is the vice president?

In the latest video, Awad picked people at random and good-naturedly asked them questions, studiously avoiding tricky subjects, like string theory or anything involving dark matter.

“Do you know when the U.S. was founded?” he asks one woman.

“I don’t know,” she replies. “Probably like, 1901?”

To another woman, Awad poses an even thornier query.

“How many states make up the United States?” he asks.

“How many states make – Dude! I know this,” she replies.

“You know this,” Awad agrees.

“Yes I do,” she says. “That’s crazy!”

But it becomes apparent that she does not. And it keeps getting worse.

“Very scary stuff,” Fletcher later observed.

Give the video a watch, I promise you'll be disappointed.

If they are that dumb, why are they being permitted to pass every grade? How are they this far along in their education when they don't know the basics? This is why we have so many liberals in the world.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Fleccas Talks

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