Here's How Much Poorer You Are Now Thanks to Biden’s Inflation Tax (VIDEO)

Who would have thought that we would be worse off under Joe Biden than we were under President Trump?

I can tell you who...everyone. That's why most people didn't vote for him regardless of the mainstream narrative is.

But lo and behold, you are now officially poorer than you were last year. You just got a pay cut and you probably didn't even know about it unless you have been keeping a watchful eye.

We have all seen how the cost of goods has been going up and how there have been shortages of certain materials.

One of my favorite foods is hot wings and there's supposed to be a chicken wing shortage going on. If you're trying to buy a house right now then you probably know how difficult it is right now to buy. My wife and I were actually planning on buying a new house but with this market, we can't find what we're looking for in our price range anymore.

And you can't build a house because the cost of lumber is up something like 130% which puts everyone in a pickle.

But on top of that, regular everyday items are increasing in price as well thanks to the Democrats' and Joe Biden's infinite spending budget.

Because of all of this and Biden's inflation tax, your paychecks are now worth 3.1% less than when President Trump was in office. You might as well consider it this way; if you make $45,000 per year, it would be like making a couple of thousand dollars fewer thanks to Creepy Uncle Joe.

There have been all these worries about inflation exceeding 2% and the Fed continues to say that they will not raise interest rates for some time, but it doesn't matter at this point, because the stock market and the economy have already figured inflation in at more than the typical 2% and we're going be the ones that really take a hit even though Biden continually claims that he won't be raising taxes on people who make under $400,000 per year.

It looks like he doesn't really have to, because he's just taking that money through inflation instead. Thanks a lot!

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