Young Liberal Women Caught On Camera Literally Barking At Trump Supporters

In what has to be one of the most ridiculous displays to date in some form of a counter-protest, a group of young women in Claremont, California, goto an area where President Trump supporters had gathered and barked at them.

Not a joke literally, these young women were barking at President Trump supporters like a dog. It is hilarious to watch.

This ridiculous display of counter-protesting took place on October 3rd when a group of people was gathered on a street corner holding American flags and wearing pro-Trump attire. When this group of young women started getting in the faces of some of those in the group and began barking and growling non-stop, you can see one man in the video waving a Trump flag when the girls ran up and started barking at them couldn't help but to smile and laugh at them.

Many who saw the video online were actually confused at what they just saw, and some responded with some hilarious comments. like one person commented, You just watched a bunch of young adults who were given participation trophies for doing d*ck all as kids and who were told they were very special by their parents and teachers.

According to WayneDupree

We’ve all seen the left go bonkers and act like complete and total fools, right?

This is not exactly “breaking news.”

But, what I am about to show you, kinda is.

So, I discovered that there’s a new “protest trend” spreading amongst crazy young white liberal women.

Apparently, this is the new thing that they do when confronting anyone who disagrees with them: behave like rabid dogs.

Nope, not joking.

They snarl, growl, and bark uncontrollably…and it’s not just these folks in the video below – apparently, this is a hot new (mentally unstable) phase for lots of these lost, confused, and totally misguided millennial women.

Check it out, but don’t get too close, I am sure they’ve got rabies.

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