You'll Never Believe Who New York Just Hired to Indoctrinate Students

As Republicans and conservatives, we have seen the ramifications of the radical left's racist views.

Their propaganda being spread across the country is full of dangerous lies and perpetuates the spread of immorality.

These "values" are also being taught in public schools and used to indoctrinate young people.

Radical progressives are intent on forcing their beliefs on our nation, even it means advocating for violence.

These beliefs include an inherent sense that we are bad country, a nation fueled by racists and white supremacist views. Most appreciate this to be far from the truth. However, a recent story addressing a Rochester, New York school curriculum reveals a frightening reality.

Under the guise of a classroom initiative to target anti-racism, the school district has sought the input of a member of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. An individual who sees nothing wrong with the looting and destruction that has befallen our country will now influence children.

Ashley Gantt is a high-profile member of BLM. Gantt favored the burning and looting as a way to vent anger and project radical change. America is a nation of laws, except when those laws infringe on BLM's racist agenda.

She compared the civil unrest that followed the shooting of Martin Luther King as an explanation for the devastation that ripped across our nation during the last year. Gantt didn't seem to have a problem with an entire city being burnt to the ground if it accomplished her goal.

This violent belief from one radical person isn't the problem necessarily. The problem is her molding a school curriculum that is going to be taught to our children, a plan rooted in hatred. This same person is a driving force behind other radical anti-democratic ambitions.

Gantt thinks defunding the police is good policy, despite direct evidence such a policy actually hurts the communities she professes to support. She also hails the ideology of leftist scholar Ibram X Kendi.

Kendi's beliefs may seem plausible until you appreciate the underlying principles. The idea of being against racism is not enough. The judge of your compliance is going to be the radical anti-racists; people who actually fuel and promote reverse racism.

There is no way to satisfy their distorted social views unless you succumb totally to their twisted ideology. Again, we have no problem with them having personal opinions, misguided as they may be. The problem begins when they are entrusted with brainwashing our school children.

What's unfolding in Rochester, New York may not seem important across much of America. However, it is. It is critically important. If we continue to allow these radicals to spew hatred into our classrooms, our society will be lost.

These people do not advocate for peaceful debate or civil discourse about disagreements. Movements such as BLM advocate for violence and destruction as the only recourse. These views are totally opposite of the core principles of our nation. The story in Rochester, New York reveals a dangerous reality behind the indoctrination of America.

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