You'll Never Believe Which Turncoat RINO May Run for President Now

Many individuals enjoy supporting the underdog. When a "dark horse" rises to the challenge and overcomes the odds, it frequently makes for an exciting story. There are other, "darker" dark horses, though. Sometimes it is a big relief when the individual who was not supposed to succeed fails.

This situation occurs, notably in politics. We can only hope that the strongest, wisest, and most deserving candidate will prevail. But there are also underdog politicians that run for office. The majority of voters hope that these tenacious underdogs never have a chance to triumph.

Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist, is always the "underdog." However, most Americans just do not support the communism that Bernie is promoting. Bernie might once again be the underdog in the Democratic primary for the 2024 presidential election.

On the other side of the aisle, with his announced candidacy for president, former President Donald Trump jumped immediately to the front of the Republican field. The other potential names on the list don’t really seem to present much of a challenge to the former president.

However, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, if or when he chooses to run, would be more than an underdog. DeSantis will be a formidable foe if he runs. The rest of the potential group will choose to run against all odds. All but DeSantis are deemed “against all odds underdogs.”

Nevertheless, one man recently suggested he might run against former President Trump. But if you want a true underdog dark horse, former National Security Advisor John Bolton meets that definition. The likelihood of Bolton winning the Republican nomination is slim to none!

Too many Americans, including staunch conservatives, think Bolton is “a bloodthirsty warmonger.” Many believe the reason behind his mentioning a possible candidacy is out of spite. President Trump has called Bolton out on his ignorant policies more than once.

It appears that John Bolton has it in for the former president. However, believing that he could come even close to derailing President Trump’s run for a second term in the White House is insane. In most scenarios, John Bolton would be knocked out of the field after the first primary.

Bolton has an abrasive personality to go with his cockamamie ideas. The United States needs John Bolton as president about as much as it needs Joe Biden to steal a second term. It would be a roll of the dice to see which man could do more damage to the country.

John Bolton has to realize the odds of winning the Republican nomination are nil. He’s clearly talking about it just to spite his former boss. During the summer of 2020, Bolton tried his hardest to undermine the candidacy of his own party’s presidential nominee.

He went on national television more than once to discredit the former president. Bolton announced that he wasn’t voting for President Trump. John Bolton is a spiteful former employee who has an ax to grind with the boss who canned him.

He has about as much chance of winning the Republican nomination for president as he does of becoming an astronaut. It isn’t going to happen. If Bolton decides to enter the race, he’ll be obliterated.

Does an obvious narcissist like John Bolton really want to take a chance on embarrassing himself that badly? Maybe John Bolton should just stick to embarrassing himself on national television. Every time he opens his mouth, that’s embarrassment enough.

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