You Won't Believe Who Hunter Biden Admits to Smoking Crack With

Thanks to some recently leaked audio, we've learned more about trashy Hunter Biden is and who some of his trashy crackhead friends are.

This audio was one that was recovered from the infamous laptop that was dropped off at that computer repair shop in Delaware, but was never picked up again.

In the audio, Hunter Biden is speaking with a friend and he admits that he smoked crack with former felon and current mayor of Washington D.C. Marion Barry.

Hunter Biden:  “You know what? I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry, I swear to F**king god.”

Unidentified man: “Jesus.”

Hunter Biden: “Over in Georgetown he used to go to a place right next the guards, and I was a sophomore I guess, do you know when that happened? He could come and drink, I mean late-late… and I would go to the bathroom… but anyway.”

Unidentified man: “Huh?”

Jack Maxey, who is a former co-host on Steve Bannon's show, War Room, said that he actually has a copy of the hard drive and that there is a lot more condemning evidence on that drive.

“At this point I am just trying to save the country. It needs to be exposed because this is what these intel guys are covering up to stay in business with the Chinese Community Party.”

“Let’s paint those intel guys individually as the ones who stole the election with their credentials and a compliant press.”

“It must be nice to be a Biden because the FBI had the laptop and this very evidence. The Intel agencies had it. Biden should have been stopped before the Democrat Primary. Bernie Sanders people got screwed over again. Trump shouldn’t have been impeached, Biden should not have been called the winner of the election, and making these things from the laptop public, back then, would have stopped all of those things from happening,”

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