You Wont Believe What a Starbucks Employee put Inside a Cops Frappuccino

An off duty LAPD officer went to a local Starbucks to get himself a frappuccino, when he got his beverage, he left the store and drank half of it before he realized there was something in his drink what he pulls out will discuss you.

He used the staw to fish it out, and what he found was a tampon, yes you heard me right a tampon. Makes you want to puke, doesn't it?

Although he was not in uniform, they knew he was a police officer because he used his police credit union debit card to purchase the drink. Sheriff’s Dept. confirms they took a report & they’re now investigating.

Food tampering is a felony and can result in prison sentences up to five years in California, and I think this barista deserves to serve every bit of it.

The LA Police Protective League said, “This disgusting assault on a police officer was carried out by someone with hatred in their heart and who lacks human decency,”.

According to Bizpacreview

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a potential felony after a report that an officer allegedly found a tampon in his Starbucks drink.

An off duty LAPD officer reportedly found the feminine hygiene product halfway through drinking the Frappuccino which was purchased at a Starbucks location inside of a Target store in eastern Los Angeles County, California, on Friday.

Surveillance video from the store was reportedly being reviewed by detectives in order to determine who is responsible for the disgusting act which, according to California law, is considered food tampering. Anyone working at the particular Starbucks counter is considered a Target employee since the coffee shop is a licensee of Target at this location, according to Fox 11.

The officer was off-duty at the time of the incident but reportedly used his police credit union debit card to purchase the cold drink, apparently tipping off the responsible individual that he was an LAPD officer. Bill Melugin of Fox 11 reported that, upon finding the object halfway through his drink, the angry officer went back to the Starbucks location, confronting the employee about the tampering.

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