You May Want to Reconsider Eating McDonalds After This Recent Study Finds Dangerous Chemicals

Most Americans have an unmistakable appreciation for what constitutes “junk food”. Many fast food chains meet the explicit criteria required to be accurately labeled as such. Fast food chains, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Chipotle, and Taco Bell, earn this rather dubious honor.

Researchers have released some new evidence that may color these prolific junk food peddlers in an even darker light. Tests were conducted on roughly 64 top menu items sold by these chains.

A resounding number of the tests pointed to an extremely alarming level of phthalates found in many of these foods. Over 80 percent showed the presence of a phthalate linked to various health issues. These phthalates are also referred to as plasticizers.

If that sounds unhealthy, it’s because it is. The phthalate found in these fast foods is responsible for a heightened risk of asthma. Nearly all the tests pointed to a 70 percent increase in the risk of infertility. Meat items on these menus had the highest level of toxic phthalates.

For decades, nutrition experts have cautioned people against the unhealthy levels of cholesterol, carbohydrates and calories that these quick and convenient foods possess. Nutritionists view this fast food convenience as a scourge on health.

However, this new discovery points to fast food, as the cause of even more serious health problems than just heart disease and excessive obesity. These chemicals cause diseases and health problems that kill people.

Phthalates are linked to cancer, liver damage, asthma and thyroid disease. Ingesting such toxic chemicals can also cause learning disabilities and behavioral issues in children. This study was published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology.

It stressed an increased level of harm to children. There has been a growing concern of the dangers presented by phthalates in food. Researchers say that the presence of these dangerous toxins could be introduced into the food at any point in the preparation-distribution chain.

Phthalates could get into the food during the processing or packaging stages. It could even enter the food from the packaging equipment used. As the FDA and CDC, the agencies that monitor and set guidelines for these situations, become increasingly mistrusted, we have to wonder about the criteria they used to set minimum guidelines.

Chemicals such as phthalates are categorized as “forever chemicals”. They have a toxic lifespan that renders them essentially non-biodegradable toxins. According to EPA reports, many similar chemicals bleed into water supplies across the nation.

Poor control guidelines in America’s poorest communities increase the prevalence of sickness resulting from exposure. These chemicals can damage the immune system, plus cause serious birth defects in the unborn. It is refreshing to see the EPA insisting on higher standards for American health and safety.

However, one would think the CDC and FDA would be equally concerned. Nevertheless, these agencies seem excessively focused on jabbing Americans with a hastily tested vaccination to prevent sickness with a low mortality rate.

It would be refreshing to see these important agencies dedicate their focus on more serious health concerns, such as toxins in our foods, which are killing us. At least researchers are looking out for our health, and this study shows unhealthy fast foods just got unhealthier.

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