‘You Have Finally Crossed the Line’ – Hunter’s Scathing Letter to Joe Biden on Eve of Trump Inauguration

Inside the White House, a raging scandal is engulfing the administration. The more information regarding Joe Biden's dishonest son, Hunter, is revealed, the closer this scandal comes to destabilizing Biden's already faltering presidency.

The laptop used by Hunter Biden has been dubbed "the laptop from hell." Given that hell is a location where people burn, it's safe to assume that Joe Biden's presidency will "burn in hell."

The temperature rises with each additional piece of data pulled from the laptop. Another shocking information has now surfaced. Hunter appears to have written a scathing letter to his father, but did not send it.

Nevertheless, the draft of this angry missive has been discovered. The letter is full of unflattering condemnations of Joe Biden from his drug-abuser son. Most of the letter is somewhat cryptic in its meaning, but it brings up a suspicious lie or cover-up about something.

Hunter wrote, “I hope at least acknowledge that the three people on earth who have lived their lives in service to you who love you more than the next 30 combined have suddenly all concluded, for their own reasons, that you have finally crossed the line.”

No one is quite sure what is meant by “finally crossed the line.” However, it’s obviously something serious. Hunter went on to say, “Love is an action, dad, not an emotion. Think how your brother and sister express their love for you. They do anything you tell them to do and have their whole lives.”

This pretty much cements who “the big guy” is, as mentioned in Hunter Biden’s other crooked business schemes. Parts of this letter have already been published in Miranda Devine’s book entitled the “Laptop From Hell.”

The letter went on to talk about “the lie serves your purpose, Dad.” Hunter questioned why “two boys who had the three greatest mothers’ god could conceive taken from them that they had to buy into it, or they would be betraying you, is pretty awful.” Buy into what?

There is some sense that Hunter Biden may have been under the influence of some mind-altering substance. At certain points, the letter makes virtually no sense. The draft also talks about how other family members helped Joe after his wife was killed in a car crash.

While there’s never been a definitive connection between Joe Biden and this crash, the letter seemed to allude to something odd about the whole situation. Was this the lie? Is it true that the cover-up of shady business dealings with foreign governments is the lie?

It’s clear that this letter from Hunter Biden was intended to call his father out about something. Maybe Joe will take heed of the old saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” The heat on Hunter Biden is burning hot and is going to get even hotter.

This is not going to end well for him. As further proof of his own involvement gets exposed, things for Joe are going to get hotter as well. The laptop from hell experience cannot end well for either Hunter Biden or his father. Things are hot and they’re going to get a lot hotter.

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