Wyoming Slaps California in the Face with a Car Ban of Their Own!

Last week, Republican lawmakers in Wyoming put forth a proposal that would prevent the sale of electric vehicles (EVs) from being made available in the state by 2035. The aim of this proposed legislation is to protect the gas and oil industry in Wyoming from being significantly impacted by a large-scale adoption of EVs.

The bill presented to state legislators stipulates that citizens and businesses should not purchase electric vehicles before the ban takes effect, due to the potentially detrimental effects it could have on Wyoming's economy and their capacity to conduct effective interstate commerce.

The primary worry among these lawmakers is the amount of additional energy that will be needed to power charging stations for EVs, which they anticipate will require an immense rise in electricity resources beyond what Wyoming currently has available. This situation is further compounded by California recently passing legislation requiring all cars sold within its borders to be emissions-free come 2035. If this measure is enforced, it could essentially leave EV drivers unable to access charging stations when travelling outside of their home state - significantly reducing their ability to use electric cars for long distance travel.

Apart from disrupting the local economy, this proposed EV ban may also have a lasting impact on other sectors such as tourism and transportation. The lack of access to charging stations across state lines could discourage travelers from visiting Wyoming since they may not be able to rely on having a sufficient supply of battery power for their vehicles during their stay if they are driving an electric car. What's more, automobile companies based in or around Wyoming may experience decreased demand as customers opt for greener alternatives instead. On top of that, many jobs related directly or indirectly with servicing and maintaining traditional gasoline engines are likely at risk due to this potential prohibition on EVs as well.

This news comes as no surprise given Wyoming’s traditional reliance on oil and gas production as its primary source of revenue. With voter sentiment increasingly favoring renewable energy solutions over fossil fuels, it stands to reason that local legislators would feel compelled to take action against something like EVs which pose a direct threat to their traditional sources of income. However, at least one conservation group has spoken out against this proposal claiming it will worsen air quality with increased carbon dioxide emissions from gas-powered cars, something that could have serious public health implications for many residents.

Ultimately, this decision will remain with Wyoming legislators who must weigh the interests of both environmental activists and members of the oil & gas industry when deciding whether or not this proposed ban should become law. It also raises difficult questions regarding how states should handle emerging tech solutions while still protecting their most profitable industries, a debate that will likely play out in legislatures across the country in years ahead.

Here's my simple opinion on the matter and it applies to both Wyoming and the Federal government...stop telling people what they can and can't buy! Let them spend their own money how they see fit. If they want electric cars, they should be able to get one. If they want gas guzzlers, they should be able to have those as well. If someone needs to innovate, then innovate.

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