WTH? Hillary and Al Gore in 2024?

Anyone who watches Joe Biden, even sporadically, can clearly see there’s a problem. The man began his time in the White House suspiciously unable to think clearly. Things have only gotten worse. Joe Biden is obviously incapable of being the leader of the free world. He’s so cognitively challenged that Biden can’t even remember what day it is.

Losing a step mentally is not something to make jokes about. It is a difficult part of the human aging experience to navigate. It’s sad. But a nation cannot be prosperous and especially secure with such a person at the helm. Joe Biden is unable to run the country now. Who honestly believes that things are going to improve as we inch closer to the 2024 presidential election?

Republicans have been sounding the alarm since America witnessed Biden hide from the media and steal his way into the White House for the first time. Staunch conservatives realize that the fate of the nation is on the line, now more than ever before. But even Democrats realize Joe Biden is incapable of being president.

Many experts insist the leftist Democrat Party machine has been aware of this all along. Some do not believe Joe Biden is running the show. However, even that small faction of radical liberals can see that Americans are no longer comfortable with an aging and inept leader. Even a startling majority of Democrat voters do not want Biden to seek a second term.

But looking down the line at successors to Biden has Democrats scratching their heads. There simply isn’t anyone. The Democrat’s bench of viable presidential candidates is woefully weak. It’s like a high school basketball coach looking down his bench for a substitute but having only players who can’t shoot, can’t dribble, and can’t play defense.

There just isn’t a single person in the Democrat stable of possible 2024 presidential candidates who has the slightest shred of voter appeal. In fact, most are downright unappealing. The first person who originally would have been the Democrat’s heir apparent to Biden is the vice president. Sorry, Democrats, but Kamala Harris is less appealing to voters than good old Joe.

That’s pretty pitiful when you think about it. And then there’s the former Democrat presidential hopeful, “Mayor Pete.” This is the same Pete Buttigieg who has completely failed at his job as Transportation Secretary. Dozens of Congress men and women, from both parties, are calling for Mayor Pete to “exit stage left.” Pete Buttigieg is an incompetent fool.

He may be the most inept and incompetent cabinet official in U.S. history. The likelihood of Pete Buttigieg even surviving a presidential primary is slim and none. After Harris and Buttigieg, originally the two beacons of hope for the Democrat Party, the list becomes even more suspect. The California governor with the perfect hairdo is about as appealing as a porcupine.

Gavin Newsom has an abrasive personality to go along with his abysmal record as governor. The list of Americans who would vote to turn the country into a mirror image of California would be small. Gavin Newsom is simply NOT the next great former California governor to make a run at the White House. Even Californians don’t think he should run. Ronald Reagan, he is not.

So, what do Democrats do when their top-three leading options for the White House have a “snowball’s chance” of winning a presidential election? Well, when the cupboards are bare, look in the trash bin and try to find something to “recycle.” A recent rumor has surfaced that’s exactly the mindset of some Democrat Party strategists: recycle some old party panjandrums.

But the only problem with looking into former party superstars is how far “past their prime” these possible presidential candidates might be. Well, the Democrats looking at crooked Hillary Clinton and climate kook Al Gore is like a baseball team going to an old folk’s home to find a pitch hitter. Many experts have raised their eyebrows at even the thought.

First, who would be the top name on such a ticket? Does anyone seriously believe that “Queen Hillary” would play second fiddle to “Mr. Climate Change?” What would be the motivating factor for Al Gore to even attempt a run for the presidency? Do Democrats think they’d gain any advantage by having these two party dinosaurs face off head-to-head in a primary?

The thought of crooked Hillary as a candidate is a joke. But the notion that Americans would entertain Al Gore is even more hilarious. Pairing the two together would equate to the biggest political joke in modern history. But some insist they’re serious. The idea that the Democrats must consider these two “has-beens” for 2024 proves one thing: The Democrat Party is in trouble – BIG trouble!

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