WOW: Walmart Test's Healthcare In Two Supercenters In Ga. The Price And Benefits Are Insane

Walmart has taken an opportunity to get into healthcare and it is souring in two Georgia counties.

They opened up a new health center.

This has been so beneficial for so many in the area because of the low prices and convenience.

Reported by KCRA:

In Calhoun, Georgia, a city of around 16,000 located 70 miles outside of Atlanta, Walmart is testing out a new health center. If successful, Walmart may expand its initiative across the United States, potentially upending the way millions of Americans receive medical care.

At "Walmart Health," which has a separate entrance next door to a massive Walmart Supercenter, patients can see doctors for routine checkups and ongoing treatment of such chronic illnesses as diabetes and heart disease, even if they lack health insurance. They can also get lab work, X-rays, dental care, behavioral health counseling, eye and hearing exams, and access to other services. The bill for an annual checkup for an adult is $30 without insurance, an eye exam is $45 and dental exams cost $25. Therapy sessions are $60.

Walmart, America's largest retailer, opened the facility in January. It's only one of two in the country. The first, in Dallas, Georgia, another exurb of Atlanta, opened in September.

Walmart is America's dominant retailer for groceries and other merchandise. But now it's trying to seize a chunk of the lucrative health care market, which makes up more than 15% of the country's economy and is growing.

"Health care looks like a big opportunity," Walmart CEO Doug McMillon told investors last month.

Soaring costs and access to primary care options remain persistent challenges, especially in rural areas. Walmart chose the two Georgia towns because the areas have higher rates of chronic disease and fewer primary care physicians than typical U.S. communities.

I personally love that they have opened this new portion to Walmart. Some people have to wait a month to see a new Primary Care Physician to find that that particular Dr. doesn't work out for them. This comes from personal experience.

Another really cool thing about this is that they not only have healthcare for humans but your furry friends too. The Dallas Walmart has a small Vet clinic that does everything but surgeries. They do however do bloodwork which is extremely convenient.

I was skeptical at first seeing the healthcare portion being built but have gotten on board with it because it does help people without insurance to try to be healthy without having to pay a hefty monthly insurance payment.

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