‘World’s #1 Race-Baiter’ Harasses White Holiday Inn Employee Leading to Mental Breakdown (VIDEO)

One of the worst kinds of people on this planet is sociopaths.

I've had my own encounter with one that I know of for sure, and possibly others. They're the worst. They actually get joy out of the misery of others.

Now I know what you're thinking, but I'm not talking about our government this time, I'm actually talking about a race-baiter who lives to start problems with other people.

Manipulative people have a tool they wield to goad others into submitting to a particular belief. Baiting someone into acting or believing something is a way to avoid constructive debate. It's the mechanism being employed today by the radical woke culture. It is a weapon of war.

One of the most evident baiting strategies used to promote a radical cultural agenda is race-baiting. If you do not consent to a certain belief system or ideology, then you're systemically racist. It's the calling card of the radical woke culture.

Race-baiting erases any and all external factors that might determine a person's particular reaction. If a white cop shoots a black person, regardless of whether they are holding a deadly weapon, the difference in skin color immediately becomes of the utmost importance.

Every piece of circumstance is viewed as unimportant. To race-baiters, the only factor in any contentious exchange is the fact that there are two different skin colors present in the exchange. It completely removes any sense of truthful reality.

There is an uncanny ulterior motive present every time it happens. The radical leftists want to prod people into racial conflict at every opportunity. It is sickening and a dangerous course for our country. These weapons of manipulation will devastate America. This is the left's goal.

However, if your goal is to destroy the country, it's the perfect weapon of passive-aggressive war. That is exactly where the United States of America is today; at war. The weapons are like nothing our world has seen across centuries of human strife and conflict.

The left is using media and propaganda to pit American against American. The woke culture is pressing to indoctrinate our children to believe our country is bad, and that our founders were evil people. The race-baiting is deeply embedded in the radical left agenda.

It is their subtle weapon of mass destruction for American society as we know it. The weapon was on full display at a Holiday Inn Express. A person who proclaims himself as the world's number one race-baiter launched a video that went viral.

It involved a desk clerk and a customer. The customer's reservation was screwed up. Understandably, they were upset. However, the customer ignited the contentious exchange. It started gradually, but the contentiousness increased.

Eventually, the desk clerk lost his composure. It was later discovered that his struggle with self-control was in part due to inherent emotional challenges he had. The video failed to show much of the slanderous attacks he endured from the rude customer.

The entire basis of a customer/worker exchange was reduced to the color of each individual's skin. The encounter had nothing to do with race, not one thing. In fact, it had everything to do with an ignorance of good manners and a lack of empathy for mental health challenges.

This is the radical left game plan. Use baiting, especially race-baiting, to elicit bad behavior. Any step across the line of human nature becomes a racist calling card. It is pathetic. It might not be so alarming if it were not something that is being used to destroy our nation. We are at war, and the enemy is the weapon of the woke culture.

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