Woman Rushes on Police Officer - Does Not End Well For Her

Why does the Left continue to think stuff like this is OK? Play stupid games and you get stupid prizes, and it's as simple as that. But the officer's move was pretty epic, straight shot kick and she goes down like a ton of bricks.

And let's get real... with their B.S. ACAB crap they're floating around, they still want to play these games? This officer shows incredible restraint.

Then this dummy's friend joins in and they get maced! Truly epic and again shows honest-to-goodness restraint on his part.

The video contains some sensitive content, so just follow this link to view the video on YouTube.

The above video will ask you to click a link to watch it on Youtube directly for some restriction crap. but it's totally worth doing. The crowd seems to go WILD (not sure if for or against the officer but regardless) right after the kick then BOOM maced both of them.

My only guess here is she never got spanked by her parents that's why she acting like this. Her attempt at mooning was as much of a fail as her bold stride towards Leonidas.

So what do you think? Any do you happen to have any more info on this video? I would love to know what caused the confrontation.

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