Woman Delays Flights For Hours, Meltdown Over Imaginary Passenger - WATCH

Flying can be a stressful experience at times. But one woman had an experience on an American Airlines flight that was the definition of 'stressful' after her meltdown was caught on video onboard the plane.

TikTok user @texaskansasnnn posted the video on Sunday night as an unidentified woman is seen making her way up to the front of the plane and demanding to get off. She then bizarrely asserted that 'that m*****f***** back there is NOT real'.

The woman's strange outburst left passengers unprepared as their heads turned to see who the woman was referring to.

In the video's caption, @texaskansasnnn claims the incident caused a three-hour delay. But what is even more bizarre is what usually happens in such situations - getting arrested - never happened in this case. 'Somehow, she didn't get arrested and got back through security after the whole plane had to deplane,' he wrote.

The chaotic scene has since gone viral across multiple social media networks with over 3 million views as millions of people are caught wondering just who the woman was referring to.

The demand to deplane was made amid a chaotic weekend of travel, where over 15,000 flights were delayed or canceled across the U.S. with over 50 million starting a trip of 50 or more this July 4th weekend. Not only has air travel been affected, but major server weather impacting around 15 states from the Northeast to the Southeast. The I-95 corridor is also under the threat of strong winds, hail, and even an isolated tornado.

Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration is continuing to remind passengers that 'disruptive behavior' such as the one seen on the plane can lead to civil penalties of up to $25,000 for certain cases.

However, it's unclear how the situation with the strange woman resolved or who she was referring to. What we do know is, flying can certainly be confusing, frustrating, and sometimes downright wild.

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