Woman Claims to Have Daily Encounters with Aliens After First UFO Visit

People may have drastically different beliefs about the existence of UFOs. Some insist the proof is overwhelming. Other folks, more skeptical by nature, will adamantly disagree. Ardent disbelievers will simply roll their eyes and move on to another topic.

But for one Missouri woman, the existence of UFOs is now quite real. Lily Nova’s encounters with extraterrestrial flying things started during the first pandemic lockdown. Like millions of Americans, the 29-year-old was bored.

She decided to take up a new hobby to relieve the mundane life created by COVID lockdowns. Nova chose astrophotography as a cure for her blues. What happened next is quite astonishing. Within a short time of exploring her new hobby, she had her first run-in with a UFO.

Nova proclaims, “My first encounter with aliens and UFOs was very intense.” Nova further explains her first encounter with the extraterrestrial world. “I went outside for some fresh air one night and I immediately locked eyes with bright light hovering over the neighborhood,” she said.

However, there has now been more than one. Nova says her encounters are a daily occurrence. Furthermore, the level of intensity in Nova’s encounters has grown tremendously. Since her first sighting, Nova claims to have developed a sort of sixth sense.

She says she has a gut reaction for moments when the UFOs are about to appear. Nova insists that through this newfound intuition, the beings are able to communicate with her telepathically. According to her, they now tell her when they’re coming.

She vividly describes one group as “beings with light blonde hair, fair and glowing skin, and bright blue eyes.” After a brief lapse in sightings, which Nova believes the extraterrestrials gave her on purpose, the incidents have been steady. Some may have their rightful suspicions.

But Nova articulated her experience, so precisely that it has to make one pause. Nova spoke about her experiences as if they were a gift. The young lady truly believes she has created a fascinating connection with another world. “Since the shock wore off, I just feel joy, love, and peace.”

“They are such beautiful and positive experiences. Sometimes I even bawl my eyes out, crying while it's happening.” There were probably hundreds of newly discovered interests used to divert the boredom from the COVID lockdowns. However, this young Missouri woman found one that’s truly out of this world.

I was unable to find a way to embed the video, but you can follow the link to watch the video.


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