Woman Arrested For Spitting in Cops Face In NYC Riots

A group of rioters in New York City lit fires, clashed with officers, and were arrested in large numbers Wednesday, according to police, as tensions rise over the election in cities across the country, and a presidential winner has yet to be declared.

A large mob moved through the streets, chanting “burn the precinct to the ground” in what was originally organized as an election protest. A total of 60 people were apprehended by law enforcement throughout the night, as the group set garbage cans ablaze and harassed local businesses.

One woman was arrested for spitting in an officer's face. The woman was later identified as Devina Singh. She was yelling in the officer's f**k “F*ck you, fascist!” and he pulled his mask up to cover his face to stay safe from the coronavirus. The lady spits in his face, he then took her to the ground and cuffed her.

According to TMZ

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