Woke Sexism Puts Australians' Safety at Risk, Coming to America Soon

Wokeness is not only affecting America, it's spreading across the world.

There are some countries that aren't putting up with it, but then there are some that are bowing a knee to the woke gods. Now their country is less safe because of it.

The hiring process is getting a dose of discrimination in the name of "equity". Not equality...equity.

Hundreds of men have been discriminated against and prevented from getting a job because they decided to hire less-qualified women for the positions simply for the fact that they're women.

According to the Daily Wire,

7News reported that Australia’s Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) determined the Queensland Police Service’s recruitment strategy to hire just as many men as women “resulted in discriminatory practices being used against male candidates.”

“Instead of advertising some positions exclusively for female candidates, the CCC said the QPS recruiting section discriminated against 200 eligible male candidates between 2016 and 2017,” the outlet reported. In America, advertising positions for just one sex would also be considered discriminatory.

The CCC’s report found that even ineligible women were selected over male applicants “who had performed to a higher standard across entry assessments,” 7News reported.

The report determined that “If the various discriminatory practices had not been implemented, the CCC estimates approximately 200 more meritorious male applicants would have been successful in their attempt to join the QPS.”

In America, we're starting to do the same. In fact, that's how we wound up with Kamala Harris as the "Vice President".

When Joe Biden got chosen for the Democrat nomination for president, and people started asking him about who he would choose as a running mate, he said that he didn't know yet, but it was definitely going to be a woman.

This is sexist. He wasn't going to choose someone because they were the best person for the job, he was going to pick them because they were a woman. Some people might say something like, "Well, are you saying that Kamala Harris isn't the best person for the job because she's a woman?" Well, she's a dumpster fire, but no that's not what I'm saying at all.

What if the best person for the job was actually a man, but because Biden was set on having a woman, he bypassed the real "best person" for the job by not even considering a man.

American Airlines announced that they are going to start hiring more women pilots. This is garbage, too. When I get on a plane I want the best person for the job to be flying the plane because they're the best person for the job, not because they're a woman. I could not give a crap about if they're a male, female, or even if they were a monkey. I don't meet the pilot and I do not care at all what or who they are. I just want someone who is best for the job since I'm putting my life in their hands.

If there happens to be a lot more women in the next decade or so that become the best pilots in the country, then fine, hire them. But don't hire them just because they are women. That is discrimination. Anytime someone says something stupid like this, imagine if the roles were reversed. If they would say that it is sexist or racist or discriminatory in some way, then it still is. The target of that discrimination does not make it any more right to discriminate against them.

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