Woke Employee Gets Fired After Refusing to Work While in "Mourning"

You've heard it before, go woke, go broke. I love that saying to be honest because while I wish everyone well, I want them to do well, too.

I'm not going to wish that someone be prosperous in their ventures when they're doing something that I'm morally opposed to. If a man was a drug dealer who sold drugs to children, I'm not going to wish them well in their endeavor. I want them to stop doing that by all means. But I do hope that the individual would repent of his ways and do something more meaningful with his life.

Many companies are bleeding money now, such as Netflix, after they're gone gung-ho on advocating for the leftist agenda and actively promoted their propaganda.

After the recent Supreme Court decision that reversed Roe v. Wade, one woke employee of Universal Music Group decided that he was going to speak up about the matter and even refused to work because he was in "mourning" over the decision.

He never cared to mourn the deaths of any of those children, but he'll mourn...well, I guess the death of a former thought?? Because it was never a law to begin with.

Well, as a result of his behavior he was fired. What did he really expect to happen though if he wasn't going to do his job? That's what they pay him for, to do work. No work = no job.

But in typical mindless liberal fashion, he accused them of being "anti-gay" for terminating a "queer brown person" during Pride Month (now known as Life Month) for "speaking up in defense of abortion rights".

He also said, "blah, blah, blah...rant, rant, rant" I actually don't care what else he said. When you start throwing around those sorts of cards and accuse someone of being racist or homophobic or whatever, that's just a stupid parlor trick. They just can't accept the fact that they did something wrong, so it must be your fault somehow.

This guy stopped working and expected to keep getting paid for not doing anything. He got fired because he quit working. It's not difficult to understand. Go woke, go broke.

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