Woke Companies Offering $4,000 for Employees to Travel and Hire Hitman...MTG Delivers Checkmate Response

Several companies have already announced that they will be compensating their employees in order to see to it that they have the funds needed to travel to have an abortion performed.

Obviously, these are all woke companies that feel like they need to make a political stand but fail to realize that they're only doing so to their own demise.

MSN reported,

Some of the biggest companies in the U.S., including Apple, Disney, Nike, Starbucks and Meta, have confirmed plans to extend their health care benefits or provide additional support offering to pay for necessary travel costs after the landmark abortion ruling was thrown out on June 24.

Leading financial institutions such as CitiBank, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs also vowed to provide travel benefits for their employees to have abortions in states where it remains legal.

We've known that companies like Walt Disney is super woke and that they would of course do something like this since they actually don't care about children, but there is one company that recently made this announcement that I think is ultimately going to lead to their fall. That is Dick's Sporting Goods.

Honestly, do people still shop there? I didn't even realize that they were still in business. They're sort of like the K-Mart of the sporting goods industry.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, actually made a really goo suggestion which makes a lot of sense. She said, "If corporations are paying $4,000+ to their female employees to kill their baby, they should pay them the same to celebrate life when their employees become mothers."

That is a great point and super consistent. What good reason would a company have for giving women money so they can hire a hitman, but not give mothers who are moral enough to keep their children the same amount of money which could really help them?

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