Witnessing Tragedy: Reporters Reflections on Israel

A month after the Israeli community, Nir Oz, was devastated by a brutal terrorist attack, the world seems to have already moved on. The attack, which occurred on October 7th, was coordinated by Hamas terrorists who entered the community from four different entrances. They went from door to door, executing residents, kidnapping others, and setting houses ablaze. The community of 400 people was left shattered and scarred, with over 30 dead and around 80 kidnapped, many of whom were badly wounded.

The enormity of the tragedy is still unfolding, but the international media has already shifted their focus to the response of Israel, rather than the atrocities committed by Hamas. Protests across the world have been organized in support of Hamas, showing either the ignorance or the sheer evil of some of the protesters. Two girls interviewed at a pro-Hamas demonstration in London admitted that they were not even sure if the attack actually happened, indicating their lack of knowledge on the matter.

For those who doubt the gravity of the attack, a visit to Nir Oz would provide a sobering reality check. The small community, located near the border of Gaza, is now a ghost town. The targets of the terrorists were unsuspecting families, who had been living with the constant threat of rockets from Gaza since 2005, when Israel withdrew from the territory and Hamas took over. The residents, some of whom were known to be left-wing and pro-peace, were caught off guard by the extent of the evil that came upon them on that fateful day.

During a tour of the community, a survivor showed the burnt-out remains of the once-peaceful houses, where families were attacked and killed in their own homes. In houses with safe rooms, where residents would take refuge from the rockets, the bullet holes around the doors told the story of the desperate struggle to keep the terrorists out. In one house, an elderly woman was found dead, lying next to the overturned table she used to barricade the door. In another house, an old man was burned alive, unable to escape from his safe room.

The worst fate befell the Thai workers who were housed in the community. The terrorists had savagely murdered them in their bomb shelter, leaving the floor drenched in blood and the walls covered in spattered blood stains. Handprints were found on the walls, revealing the victims' final moments as they tried to escape or resist.

These innocent victims of Hamas' rage and brutality should not be forgotten. They were ordinary people going about their daily lives, with no malice or ill will toward anyone. The world must realize that Israel cannot live with Hamas and that this terrorist organization must be held accountable for their heinous crimes. As the survivors of Nir Oz try to pick up the pieces and rebuild their shattered lives, let us not forget the horrors they have endured and the injustice that has been inflicted upon them.

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