Wife Arrested After Husband Had Her Followed By Private Investigator To Learn Her Dirty Little Secret

A man who was getting a divorce from his wife started suspecting that she may have been up to something no good. He was right.

When the husband hired a private investigator to follow the wife, he found out that was she was doing was breaking the law.

According to NY Daily News,

Amber Telford, 33, admitted to a felony count of unlawful sexual activity with a minor on Tuesday in Salt Lake County court, prosecutors confirmed.

The dance teacher carried on an illicit affair for at least five months in late 2014 with a 17-year-old student from her studio, authorities said.

She was going through a divorce at the time, and her suspicious husband hired a private investigator who caught the mother of three during a Nov. 28, 2014 hook up with the underage teen, authorities said.

The dance instructor and the minor were under a blanket with "their clothes strewn about the floor" when the investigator, camera in hand, walked in on them, authorities said.

She'd allegedly groomed the boy, buying him gifts and paying his way for a dance competition at Disneyland leading up to the twisted relationship.

The boy had told police that they engaged in sexual intercourse seven times over the five-month period.

It was reported that there were many locations in which the two went about their sexual activities including a church parking lot, her parent's house and even her and her husband's own home which is where they usually went about their coitus.

Telford was actually the owner of the dance studio, however, the dance studio no longer exists. Instead, the location was purchased by another management group and a new dance studio is currently in operation there.


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