Why the Grammys Were the Most Satanic Thing on TV EVER!

There’s always a fraction of the American public who is obsessed with Hollywood intrigue. To these people, the Grammy Awards are like the Super Bowl is to avid football fans. It’s the ultimate night for big-screen cinema lovers as well. But the 2023 version of the Grammy Awards had a lot of people talking who otherwise couldn’t care less about Hollywood intrigue.

Much of the conversation had nothing to do with who won or who didn’t. Social media has exploded with talk about a bizarre performance during the 65th annual awards show. If you haven’t taken the opportunity, take a brief look at Sam Smith’s utterly “unholy” performance. It wasn’t anything close to a tribute to stage and screen.

It was a ritualistic worship of the “underworld.” First, the 2023 awards show was held at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles and sponsored by Pfizer. Sensible Americans might see that as an immediate red flag. But it was the actual performances and the noticeable agenda that stirred people to question what it all meant. Here’s a hint: Hollywood is “anti-American.”

Hollywood has been anti-American for years and still is. But the idea that it is a “cauldron of satanic perverts” hasn’t always been accepted as a true reflection of “Tinseltown.” Not only did communism infiltrate the upper echelons of the Hollywood elite, many trace its allegiance back to Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Hollywood hasn’t been supportive of American values for decades. After witnessing what the public saw at the 65th annual awards, it’s more obvious now than ever. Hollywood has an overwhelming number of people who hold anti-American values. The vast majority of these individuals do not believe in any form of a Higher Power.

It’s easy to understand when you consider all the “anti-God” material that comes out of Hollywood. It’s appalling. Americans should be appalled, regardless of their spiritual beliefs. This is an anti-religion, anti-American, anti-freedom cabal of self-absorbed, narcissistic elites. In fact, they act as if they’re God.

Billy Hallowell’s podcast exposes Hollywood’s Satanism in “Playing with Fire: A Modern Investigation into Demons, Exorcism, and Ghosts.” Hallowell described the “Unholy” performance at the 65th Grammy Awards as “heartbreaking.” He urged his viewers to pray for “people who mock God, flaunt that mockery, and [are] then praised for it.”

The lyrics in the performance condoned adultery and betrayal. Thousands of viewers denounced the anti-God performance as pitifully sad. But there was more than just one satanic segment from the latest Grammy Awards to talk about. Madonna made an appearance as well, but many people said she was “unrecognizable.”

Many insisted that the famous singer has experienced “one too many facial adjustments.” Writer and director Jay Arnold described her appearance this way. “Madonna can't see it. It's filter fatigue. People get so used to their face they no longer see it's different, so they continue to get more.”

Many Americans refuse to even acknowledge all the Hollywood hoopla even exists. When you put faith, family, and country ahead of what’s “the latest box office craze,” the Grammy Awards lose their glitter. But Americans must take notice. As Texas Senator Ted Cruz put it, “This is Evil!”

Hollywood has long been a haven for anti-American types determined to destroy Godly values. If this “unholy” spectacle, otherwise the 65th annual Grammy Awards, is any sign of the seriousness of Hollywood’s agenda, “Believers” need to “get off the couch” and pushback against this satanic agenda before it’s too late.

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