Why is NYC Warning Residents on What to Do in Nuclear Attack?

Liberal bureaucrats have an exaggerated sense of their own importance. They still believe they are smarter than everyone else, despite the fact that a huge portion of them are probably idiots. Liberals insist that we should shut up, listen, and then do precisely what they say.

Most people agree that the information and instructions used to combat COVID did not work. They actually made matters worse. Businesses and lives were needlessly ruined. It was utterly unsuccessful.

New York produced one of the worst records for COVID policies in the country. From the governor’s office all the way down to local municipalities, the policies did more harm than good. But that hasn’t stopped the “world’s largest liberal cesspool” from issuing new guidelines.

Possibly because the Joe Biden administration keeps inching our nation closer to a nuclear conflict with Russia, New York City issued a new “public service announcement.” This one deals with the threat of a nuclear attack on the city.

It seems, while lacking in substance, this PSA does realize one objective. There has to be a reasonable percentage of NYC residents who are now nervous about a potential nuclear bomb attack by Putin. As the pandemic wanes, that’s right on cue to keep everyone nervous.

But fear not: NYC bureaucrats have produced an informative new PSA to inform every citizen about what they need to do. Or so that’s what should have happened. The latest NYC PSA provides absolutely no information. But it does accomplish one critical aim.

It tells everyone to essentially, “shut up, stay inside, and don’t come out until the government tells you the coast is clear.” Doesn’t this sound eerily familiar? If you said “yes,” then you’re correct. This nuclear bomb PSA mirrors the NYC policy on how to handle the pandemic.

Everyone needs to shut up, lock themselves in their homes, and don’t even question when they can come out. We’ll tell you when the “coast is clear.” This latest public service “order,” is just a preparatory ploy to silence people and corral them like cattle.

Do what the experts say and don’t ask questions. This is the way of liberal tyrants. “You need to depend on us because we’re smarter than you are.” Taking a look back at the abysmal results of the so-called “smart pandemic policies” will blast holes in this theory.

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