Why Did the Joe Biden Allow the Chinese Spy Balloon to Travel Clear Across the United States?

If you haven't heard it on the news or seen something strange up in the clear blue sky outside your front door, a massive balloon traversed the continental United States. Sure, the U.S. military took the balloon down once it drifted offshore over the Atlantic Ocean. But this wasn’t a lost sightseeing adventure or a collection of balloons released by little kids at a birthday party.

This massive, technologically loaded balloon came from Communist China. Despite knowing about this balloon for weeks before it drifted over U.S. airspace, the Biden administration did nothing about it. They didn’t even have the good sense to let the American people know. Why did Joe Biden allow a Chinese spy balloon to travel clear across the United States?

There are a host of lawmakers who want an answer to that same question. Once news of the balloon hit the networks, the biggest questions involved “how did it get here?” But now knowing that the balloon was released weeks ago from the Chinese mainland, U.S. lawmakers quickly began asking the truly important questions.

Why was it here and what were the Chinese after? All someone needs to do is follow the flight course of this balloon to connect the dots. While China insists the balloon was a “civilian weather project” only focused on collecting weather-related data, the flight path says otherwise. When we look at a list of the military bases in the path of this balloon, the truth is obvious.

China was taking pictures of critical U.S. military installations and sending them in real time back to its military. Looking at the tracking model for the balloon, it cuts a swath right across the center of the U.S. It doesn’t take a trained military expert to conclude that this path was NOT haphazard. The balloon was guided across the U.S. on a predetermined course.

Do Americans really buy the notion this was an accident? It was not. More puzzling is the fact that the Biden administration knew about this balloon before it even started to cross over Alaska. Furthermore, they allowed it to float all the way down the western coast of Canada before entering U.S. airspace again. Meteorologists were able to predict the balloon’s path better than any hurricane tracking system.

This wasn’t a weather balloon; it was military espionage. Nearly two dozen U.S. military installations were directly in the path of this balloon. This balloon was not an accident. It was not a coincidence. Furthermore, it was allowed to cross the U.S. unabated. All we need to do is follow the money, all the money that’s been pocketed by the corrupt Biden family.

Do Americans really believe that China wouldn’t call on their millions of dollars invested in Hunter Biden’s family business schemes? Are people really buying the notion that this balloon was allowed to fly completely across the country with no repercussions? If Biden knew about this balloon, why didn’t he release the information until someone noticed it?

Americans may not want to accept the reality of this situation, but it’s the truth. Biden hoped no one would ever notice the oddities surrounding this balloon. He hoped people would immediately buy China’s excuse that it was an accidentally wind-blown weather balloon. It wasn’t. This was a spying operation that Joe Biden allowed to continue right under his nose.

Joe Biden is a compromised president. Because of his crooked family’s connections to some of the U.S.’s worst adversaries, he is dangerous. Biden’s corrupt relationship with Ukraine has cost American taxpayers billions and put us on the brink of nuclear war. However, the Biden family’s shady deals with Communist China could be worse. Joe Biden is a stooge for the CCP.

He is helping to promote China’s decades-long national objective, to overtake the United States both economically and militarily, without firing a single shot. Americans need to wake up before it’s too late.

As disappointing as it may be, Congress needs to forego investigations into things such as COVID-19. While important, these investigations must take a backseat to the corrupt influence peddling schemes of Hunter Biden. The country must know how deeply embedded the Biden family is to Communist China. Our national sovereignty is at stake.

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