Why Did Sean Hannity Propose that President Trump Pardon Hunter Biden?

Sean Hannity of FOX News was one of President Trump's most ardent supporters during his four years in office. During the most difficult times of his presidency, the popular conservative talk show host stood by President Trump. They've been friends for a long time.

However, in the year and a half since the highly successful president was conned out of office, there have been some unexpected findings. Hannity has been shown to have advocated certain unusual viewpoints that appear to be at odds with what most conservatives believe.

A series of text conversations appear to suggest that Hannity did not agree with various aspects of Trump's post-January 6 strategy. Hannity was outspoken in his condemnation of the violence, but he was also outspoken in his support for the nonviolent protesters.

As one of President Trump’s staunchest allies in the media, the sham January 6 commission has continually twisted much of Hannity’s involvement. The truth is that he has blasted the commission from its very inception.

Nevertheless, there are still some perplexing revelations that have dogged the popular talk show host. Hannity is said to have suggested a pardon for Joe Biden’s crooked son, Hunter. According to text messages obtained by the sham January 6 panel, Hannity proposed the idea.

Apparently, he wanted to run the suggestion by former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. The text messages are supposedly relaying the sentiments of a conversation Hannity had with President Trump the day after the Capitol Hill Protests.

Hannity tried to sell President Trump on the strategy, saying that such an act might help “smooth things over” after January 6’s troublesome developments. Ultimately, the idea fizzled. It joined other suggestions made to President Trump about the election and pending inauguration.

Hannity suggested that it would be wise politically to have “no more stolen election talk” and that President Trump should strongly consider “attending the inauguration.” Despite President Trump’s showing mild interest, the pardon idea was “never seriously considered.”

Is too much being made of Sean Hannity’s seemingly counterproductive remarks towards the end of Donald Trump’s presidency? The left is trying to run with them as evidence. But are they evidence of anything more than Hannity’s close association with the Trump White House?

When faced with difficult decisions amid challenging circumstances, people make suggestions. Not all these suggestions should be assumed to be steadfast beliefs about how to proceed. The stolen election and the January 6 chaos meet the criteria as highly challenging situations.

Is it not possible that Sean Hannity was actually being a stalwart for President Trump by suggesting otherwise unpopular avenues to explore? Every parrot in the liberal mainstream media wants to turn conservatives against themselves. We’d be wise to exercise extreme caution when condemning someone without all the facts.

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