Whoops! New Democrat Leader Shoots Himself in the Foot

Having previously questioned the validity of election results, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), the recently elected leader of the House Democrats, was confronted about it himself over the weekend.

George Stephanopoulos, the anchor of ABC News' "This Week," questioned Jeffries about remarks made last week by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who referred to Jeffries as a "past election denier." In actuality, Jeffries has openly questioned Donald Trump's legitimacy as president and asserted that the Supreme Court has "zero legitimacy."

"It's unfortunate that Republicans have chosen to focus on me. House Democrats are going to focus on solving problems for the American people," Jeffries said at first.

However, Stephanopoulos pressed the matter.

He persisted, saying, "But you did say that history will never accept Donald Trump as legitimate president. What is your response?"

Instead of expressing honest regret, Jeffries attacked Republicans, apparently oblivious to the reality that his own rhetoric demonstrates that he is responsible for the very behavior he was criticizing.

"Here's the Republican playbook: Facts don't matter; hypocrisy is not a constraint to their behavior. And in many cases, they believe shamelessness is a superpower," he claimed, before excusing his election-denying past.

"My view of the situation has been pretty clear. I supported the certification of Donald Trump's election. I attended his inauguration even though there were many constituents and others across the country pushing me and others to do otherwise, and found ways to work with the Trump administration being the lead Democrat in negotiating historic criminal justice reform," he added.

"I will never hesitate in criticizing the former president," he declared

But this is the sort of behavior that we can expect out of Democrats. They never own up to their crimes because they never believe that they're wrong. If they're caught in hypocrisy, they'll just ignore it and shift the attention to the "real enemy" which they see as Republicans.

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