Whoops! Biden Just Insulted Pelosi - WATCH

President Joe Biden's age is a growing concern for some as they prepare for the 2024 election. During Emily's List GV fundraising event last Tuesday, Biden (80) made a comment that ultimately backfired in a way he probably hadn't intended.

Biden was honoring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her work advancing abortion rights, as evidenced by his comments on Pelosi'soutstanding contributions. He then carelessly compared Pelosisachievements to those of[t]he generation that survived the Great Depression and won World War II Pelosis generation.

The gaffe immediately raised eyebrows among those attending the gala and online. Pelosi, who is 83, was born in 1940. The Great Depression spanned the years 1929-1941, meaning at the time of the start of the Great Depression, Pelosi was -1 years old. While Biden's comment was likely said in jest, it still sent a clear message that the President's age is a significant concern for some.

Twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, (75) weighed in on the issue Monday during the Financial Times Weekend festival, arguing that Biden's age should be a factor in 2024 when people assess who to vote for. Clinton went on to talk about how shenever lost her 2016 presidential election against Donald Trump, which has been a popular talking point of hers since that year.

Polls have indicated that a majority of Americans have concerns about Bidens mental fitness to preside over the country, and clips like those from the gala only deepen these doubts. Biden and the White House have adamantly attempted to squash such worries by pushing the narrative that Biden canrun circles around anyone, which is quite notably an off-putting facade.

In the end, Bidens age is certainly not a small factor, and many think his gala slip-up only served to emphasize the elephant in the room. While people hope the President will continue to serve as the leader of the country, the United States will have to assess his fitness to continue in the role come 2024 as his age does inevitably become a large part of the conversation.

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