"Whites Don't Vote" in Election, the Idea of One "Genius" Professor

Professor Catherine Prendergast of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign said this week that there was a very good way to put America back on the right course: Simply hold an election cycle in which white people do not cast a vote.

Prendergast, who is of course white herself, said that while she knew that was a radical idea, it would provide the country with a positive way forward.

“Bear with me while I make my push for two election cycles where whites don’t vote,” Prendergast tweeted. “I realize this is crazy and impossible, but I truly believe a demonstrative sacrifice is needed on behalf of whites to correct this dire course we’re on.”

We’ve seldom come across a tweet that better encapsulated the entire mindset of the modern left. Not only does Prendergast make a pretty good case for herself in the Woke White Person of the Week competition that plays out endlessly on social media, but she also admits right up front that her proposal is “crazy and impossible.” You could fairly give that motto to most of what the Democratic Party and the radical left are fighting for.

“As long as suppression/gerrymandering cannot be addressed because Republicans have neutralized Congress, stolen the executive branch, stacked the judiciary and thus created one-party rule, we effectively have a franchise for whites, and a limited franchise for others,” Prendergast continued.

Weird how winning fair elections are characterized this way. We somehow doubt that Prendergast ever worried about “one-party rule” in the opening years of the Obama era.

“How about two election cycles where the districts where there have been four-hour lines, the districts sent broken machines, the voters purged from the rolls, the voters demanded ID, the descendants of the enslaved and Jim Crow era are the only ones allowed to vote,” suggested Prendergast.

Then, just in case you had any uncertainty about where Professor Prendergast stood, she cleared it up.

“MAGA equals Nazi,” she explained. “You went to a Trump rally after children were put in cages, you don’t get to be a police officer. Germany had to make some aggressive steps to restore democracy: Known Nazi’s can’t be in government, Holocaust denial is a crime. We need steps like that. We need FINALLY to own our history is THAT BAD as to require such measures.”

Well, we would comment further on this professor’s derangement, but when she herself admits that her ideas are “crazy,” what good can it do to belabor the point?

You can find this dipsh*t on Twitter, too, with gems such as...

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