White House Staffers Forced to Walk Back Another Stupid Comment from Warmonger Joe

What makes people think Joe Biden isn't a threat to our country and the world? He poses a security threat.

He says the most idiotic things without thinking about them in both his private and public life, as well as when it comes to the most important issues of policy and diplomacy.

It wasn't that long ago that Joe Biden called for Vladimir Putin to be taken out of power only to deny it later and having to get White House staffers to walk back the comment and say what he "really meant".

But wouldn't you know it, this buffoon has done it again, this time in regards to China and Taiwan.

What is it about Biden and him threatening to start World War III every time he goes overseas? I guess he just can't help himself. Remember how Democrats claimed that President Trump was going to start World War III? What happened instead? The first president in modern history to not start any wars. Then, Joe Biden gets into office and is not only threatening Putin, but now threatening to start WWIII by claiming that if China attacks Taiwan then the United States would get involved.

The thing that infuriates me about all of this is that all these old men are so eager to send the younger people off to die. Why would they care? They don't have to go and fight themselves. I think that those who decide for us to go to war should have to participate as well. If they're willing to put our lives on the line, they need to be willing to put their own lives on the line instead of sending us to our deaths.

I wish the Democrats hated an actual warmonger as much as they claimed to hate Trump thinking that he was one.

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