White House Staff Lies to Cover Up Recent Biden Senior Moment (VIDEO)

Last week, you may have seen the senior moment that Joe Bumbling Biden had when trying to read the teleprompter during a speech.

Biden accidently read the instruction out loud instead of doing what the instruction said to do. It read "Repeat the line" meaning that Biden was supposed to read back what he had previously read. This is typical of him and isn't the first time that this has happened. This just demonstrates how brain dead he is when he's actually giving these speeches. He's not actually processing what's even being said he's only saying the words that he sees.

So as expected the internet unloaded on Biden since this was a perfect opportunity to do so. But the thing that was really unbelievable was the response that came from the White House.

One of his staffers in charge of communications, White House Assistant Press Secretary Emilie Simons, jumped onto Twitter to tell everybody that what we actually heard was not what he really said. Instead of saying "Repeat the line." she alleges that Biden actually said, "Let me repeat that line."

I'll be generous and even say that maybe that's what the transcript bread and maybe that's what he was supposed to say, but that's not what he said. It's as clear as day that he said "repeat the line".

Of course, Simons was ridiculed over her tweet. Many people responded back to her even sharing another video from that very same speech in which he said something about "terminating the presidency" instead of "terminating the pregnancy".

But I'm sure we're just hearing things here as well. I'm sure that it's really just as clear as day that he said terminate the pregnancy and we all just had very bad hearing.

This is why his handlers try not to let him speak more than he needs to.

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