White House Deputy Press Secretary Proves She Has ZERO Understanding of Economic

If you thought that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was a liar and the worst person to be press secretary, you probably haven't seen much from the Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre is the person who steps in when Psaki is busy or away or something of that nature.

As you may know, Jen Psaki contracted the virus recently and so has been in her quarantine. Because of that, she has been temporarily replaced by Jean-Pierre.

I've only seen her speak a handful of times and every time that she does step up to the mic to say something, I'm really amazed.

I don't mean that in a good way either. What I'm amazed about is how she got that job to begin with and why they let her go out there and speak when it's obvious that she has no knowledge whatsoever about anything outside her little White House staff world.

Last week during a press conference, she was asked about how the supply chain would be affected by the mаndates and the truckers who have quit and will be quitting.

The reporter asked, "How do concerns about the supply chain, the possibility of workers maybe quitting because of these mаndates play into that decision and that timing?"

Jean-Pierre's response was,

"So, I mean, If you're asking if we think the rules impact supply chain, the answer is no. We don't think that it will. First of all, vаccine requirements work. We have talked about that we have given examples. Like, earlier adopters have seen strong compliance - 99% at United Airlines, 99 percent at Houston Methodist, 99.5% at Rutgers University..."

If she thinks that losing truckers won't affect the supply chain, he has failed to understand the heartbeat of our nation. Truckers are very important to our economy and the supply chain and without them, this country will fall apart.

I'm willing to bet that these are the numbers AFTER people quit or were terminated because of these mаndates, because we know how many flights have been canceled recently and it's not because of weather. So what is it? A worker shortage? Why? And if it were really just 1%, then there would be no need to cancel thousands of flights.

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