WHISTLEBLOWER Exposes More Than One Dozen National Guard Troops Hospitalized in DC Over This

The National Guard is still guarding the White House and the Biden administration after a month and a half into the new administration.

Never forget this...when you need to be protected from the people who supposedly elected you by a large majority of the people, you weren't really elected by the people at all. That's exactly what we see in countries that are known to steal elections.

We saw back in January that the National Guard troops were being treated very poorly, even having to sleep in parking garages until President Trump stepped in and allowed them to stay at his hotel in D.C., but things have still been bad for many and it's an absolute disgrace.

In fact, it's no accident either, what is happening now is intentional.

Over a dozen troops have had to be hospitalized after being served raw chicken making them sick as well as their food having metal shavings in it.

The Michigan National Guard issued a statement:

The Michigan National Guard finds the reports of undercooked and poorly prepared food provided to our service members in Washington, D.C. very concerning. The firsthand accounts and pictures of undercooked food being served clearly shows that what is being given to Michigan’s service members is unacceptable. As soon as the first reports were received, Governor Gretchen Whitmer called Acting Secretary of the Army John E. Whitley to communicate Michigan’s concerns. Other Michigan senior leaders also engaged at the highest levels of the federal government to inform those in charge and to ensure that they knew of our displeasure with the conditions. Every assurance was given that the issue would be addressed and corrected.

I'm starting to wonder if liberals aren't just demon-possessed. I know that sounds like quite a statement, but seriously, how else can one explain how horrible and uncompromising they are?

They are just the worst people in this country. They're entirely immoral, they hate God, and they want you dead, especially if you're in the military...you know, the group of people who protects them.

You know what I think...let's just say screw it, let's create a registry of liberals and have the police and military leave them alone entirely. They want to "defund the police"? Fine, no more responding to liberal cries for help. Then we'll see if they change their tune.

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