Bill Protects American Treasure From Reading "Made In China", This Will Make You Proud [Video]

Most of everything is or has been manufactured in China. Especially if you shop at major retail stores, like Walmart. With times changing America is only allowing American Flags to be made in America.

From The Epoch Times:

In the 21st century in an incredibly globalized economic landscape, it might not come as a surprise that one of the great symbols of America, its stars and stripes, is, as often as not, manufactured in China. But there are changes happening.

A sacred emblem of the republic, particularly important to the U.S. military, tasked with defending the rights of its people, the story of making the flag has a special place in the country’s heart.

It was designed in 1776 by Philadelphia upholsterer Betsy Ross, who had provided uniforms, tents, and flags for the Continental Army. This design had only 13 stars, arranged in a circle, representing the 13 original states that declared independence from Great Britain, on a blue ground, with alternating red and white stripes.

This design evolved as new states joined the Union. While American factories historically manufactured plenty of flags to supply the nation’s demand, after 9/11 and China’s accession to the WTO (World Trade Organization), the number of flag imports spiked.

In 2018, bipartisan legislation called the “All-American Flag Act” was introduced by Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. It prohibits “agencies from using funds to procure a U.S. flag unless such flag has been manufactured in the United States from materials that have been U.S. grown, produced, or manufactured.”

You can thank Florida and Pennsylvania because they are working hard and proud to meet the workload to produce American flags in an old school type of way. They have helped create the organization, Flag Manufacturers Association of America, which “is dedicated to educating the public on the quality of flags manufactured in the United States and raising awareness of the importance of American flags ‘Made in the USA’, as well as the proper use of our nation’s greatest symbol.”

One Goodwill factory worker explains, “It’s an important department because many times people come to us seeking their own independence through jobs, and they wind up working on the country’s biggest symbol of independence which is the flag.”

This is how it should be. I personally look at the "Made in..." for "Made in the USA" for my flags and a lot in general.


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Richard Bensen
Richard Bensen

As being retired military I wholly agree with our flag being made in America..The cost may be more but China can be allowed to make most of their junk and pander it to the American sheeple but our flag should be out of their realm..MAGA