What the MSM is NOT Telling You About the Colorado Nightclub Shooting

When a person decides to open fire in a public place, premeditation is a foregone conclusion. Something flips in this person's brain. They clearly have deep-rooted emotional problems. Planned or otherwise, mass shootings indicate profound mental issues.

But in the age of “guns are to blame” for every death by firearm, the liberal mainstream media do not tell the entire story. Often, so-called professional journalists conveniently leave out critical facts. These talking heads go after the “weapon”, not the crazy person who used it to kill people.

However, in the horrific shooting that took place in Colorado, the left-wing corporate media are trying to link this shooting to their own liberal social agenda. Liberal pundits and politicians are saying this mass murder is a homophobic-driven hate crime.

It might be easy, devoid of all the information about this shooter, to immediately assume the reporting is correct. But what are these left-leaning parrots not saying? What they’re not telling the public is the alarming history of violence that this shooter already has.

Much of the mainstream media narrative is targeting the long gun this shooter used. Along with attacking the firearm as the issue, liberal pundits are claiming he harbored a bitter hatred for the LGBTQ+ community.

Prosecutors are implying that the shooting was motivated by a bias against LGBTQ+ people. The truth is that it appears to have nothing to do with this shooter's motivation. A New York Times reporter, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, obtained a court filing.

Bogel-Burroughs says the documents indicate the appointed public defenders refer to the shooter as “Mx.” These same court documents say that the shooter identifies as non-binary and uses They/Them pronouns.

A telltale sign of mental illness should be the strange inability to acknowledge the facts of biology. If you can’t accept the idea that you are a man or a woman, there could be other mental health issues as well. Many psychiatrists believe this is a “mental disorder.”

But there’s another aspect of this story that these so-called journalists are refusing to cover. This is not the first time the suspect has acted violently. In fact, this 22-year-old should well be behind bars, or at the very least, in an institution.

According to the Associated Press, the shooter changed his name about six years ago. He said it was to protect himself from an abusive father. Furthermore, reports indicate the father did have an extensive criminal history, including two and a half years in custody.

But the media is conveniently sidestepping another part of this story. According to El Paso County Sheriff’s Office records, the suspect was arrested and booked in June 2021. What was the crime? He was charged with felony menacing and three first-degree kidnapping charges.

Allegedly, the suspect made a bomb threat, which led to a standoff at his mother’s home in Colorado Springs. But the results of that investigation and pending criminal case may surprise you. There was nothing done to this person.

A spokesperson for the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office refused to comment on whether any charges were pursued. There is no record of a conviction. This individual threatened to blow up his own mother. That should have triggered some kind of “red flag” law.

Colorado’s gun laws are some of the most restrictive in the country. But this person, obviously suffering from serious emotional issues, did not signal any red flags when he lawfully purchased a firearm. Again, the media attacks the gun but not the inability of the system to do its job.

When these terrible tragedies occur, the corrupt, left-wing media seizes the opportunity. It’s not to find the truth. These kowtowing liberals either attack the Second Amendment, or use the tragedy to promote another of their pitiful social agendas. This time, it appears to be both.

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