What Sean Hannity Just Admitted About 2020 Election Will Blow Your Mind!

Sometimes, people will say or do whatever they can to protect their own interests, even if it means being dishonest or misleading. While it is understandable to want to protect oneself, it is important to be critical and not blindly accept someone's claims just because they are a friend or ally.

However, if there is sufficient evidence to support their claims, it is not fair to turn against them or betray their trust. For example, former President Donald Trump has consistently claimed that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him, and there are various ways this could have happened, such as through illegitimate votes.

While some people have pointed to video evidence of Democrats stuffing drop boxes with ballots as evidence of wrongdoing, it is unclear whether this was illegal or not. If it was not illegal, then it is unclear why these individuals would not be open and transparent about their actions. This raises questions about their motivations and whether there might be more to the story than meets the eye.

The massive drop box scam Democrats used in key swing states is enough to open a case for election fraud. But then there are the latest revelations about how the FBI infiltrated social media companies to control the public narrative ahead of Election Day.

If that’s not cheating, then what is it? “Election manipulation” is a nice way to phrase it. However, it’s flat-out cheating. The end result is the same regardless of which of these two crooked strategies was used. The 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Most true conservatives still believe this to be true. Nonetheless, many also appreciate that there’s not a lot that lawmakers can do about it at this point. A lot has transpired since then. Another suspicious part of the election was the voting machines.

Experts have testified that these machines are easily hacked. Some believe they were. Staunchly conservative journalists talked at great length about the possibility of these machines changing votes. Many believe voters were stolen. Dominion Voting Systems has since sued.

One news agency that was at the forefront of the voting machine scandal was FOX News. Dominion is suing the conservative news outlet. Anchors and Fox contributors are being subpoenaed to give depositions. Sean Hannity recently testified under oath.

But what Hannity said came as a surprise. He actually turned his back on President Trump. Hannity testified that he did not “for one second” believe the 2020 election was fraudulent. His testimony included his opinion about “rigged” as well as stolen.

This comes just days after several Twitter file drops proving the election was rigged. Hannity’s testimony is baffling. Who is he trying to protect? One of Dominion’s attorneys, Stephen Shackelford Jr., says Hannity isn’t the only FOX News star who’s saying this.

It’s being reported that even Tucker Carlson is denouncing any claims he may have made that the election was rigged for Joe Biden. Why are these people saying this stuff? Is FOX News trying to avoid paying Dominion a massive damages claim?

The trial begins in April. For Dominion to win, the voting machine giant must prove that FOX News hosts and contributors were all saying something privately but something different publicly. This may become a case of finding out who your friends really are, or aren’t.

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