What Just Heck Just Happened to Katy Perry?!

I normally don't care to talk about celebrities too much, because I'm just not that interested in the whole fandom thing of certain people like that. But occasionally I like to mention them in articles because there is something that really stands out about them.

In the past, I've written about some strange things happening to people who have received the "you-know-what" such as ailments that cause facial paralysis.

This was recently reported with actress Jennifer Gibson who developed Bell's Palsy and suffered facial paralysis just weeks after getting the "you-know-what".


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It seems to have happened to Justin Bieber, though he is claiming that it was caused from some sort of rare virus known as Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. I don't know much about that so I won't speak much on it.

But recently, there was something that really caught my eye because it seems so bizarre.

During a performance last week, pop star Katy Perry was paused in a pose for dramatic effect following a song when all of a sudden, her right eye just closes on it's own in what appears to be some uncontrollable event. She then touches her temple area which somehow triggers her eye to open back up. She has to do this not once, not twice, but three times. It's so weird. She acts like nothing is even wrong with standing there in that manner. She doesn't seem shocked or curious as to what's happening.

Some people have even joked around saying that it was a Katy Perry clone.

One user commented, “The first time the eye slowly closes while the other one is wide opened. This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.”

Another said, “either she pretended really well or this is one of the most convincing glitches ever. The way her eye went normal when she touched by it.”

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