WH Deputy Press Secretary Gives Horrible Reason for Supply Chain Clog

Last week, a reporter asked the White House Deputy Press Secretary (who I might add is worse than Jen Psaki) about the supply chain issues happening with our economy and the response was just jaw-dropping.

The reporter pointed out that there are issues where people are concerned about Christmas presents not arriving on time, autobody shops not being able to get the parts that they need to do their work with fixing cars, as well as several other industries having supply problems.

Then the reporter mentioned that schools are even having trouble and may not be able to supply the nutrition that students need.

“So, if this is an issue that the White House has been working on and aware of since February, why does it seem like this is a problem that is getting worse, not better?” the reporter asked. Here was the response from Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre,

“I would say this: When it comes to the supply chain, you know, it’s a — there are complexities there when you think about, you know, the — when we learn about the global supply chain as well — right? Those are — so that’s one thing that you kind of have to put it in the — in the bigger picture.

So — but it is a complex system that requires private sector collaboration and coordination to improve efficiency and get through the backlog. And that’s what we’re seeing currently as we’re talking about the supply chain. These are just some of the players in the game. There are port directors, terminal operators, ocean carriers, railroad, truckers, warehouse — warehouses, and retailers, and let’s not forget consumers who have a record level of demand as we have made a historic economic recovery.”

“Because we have — we have — the forecasters — the economic forecasters did not see — did not think we would be where we are today; we have surpassed that. So, we have had some historic economic recovery.”

So is she really saying that the whole reason for the clog in the supply chain is really because of this "historic economic recovery"? The only way I'd call it historic is because of how bad it's going. President Trump had everything booming and literally back to about where things were before the crash in February and March 2020.

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