WATCH: Woman Goes Ballistic at Airport as Daughter Begs Her to Stop, "Mommy I Don't Want You to Go to Jail!"

For whatever reason, people don't know how to act right in public. Far too often, we see people going nuts over the stupidest things.

Over the past year or two, I know I've written on several instances of people destroying restaurants, assaulting employees of restaurants because they don't fill up their drink the way they wanted it, fighting inside the restaurant, etc.  There is a trend here...Now this:

Meltdowns in airports and even on planes are becoming the norm these days, but a New York woman may have set the bar a little higher in terms of sheer craziness.

Brooklynite Dana Pierre unleashed her fury in a violent, obscenity-laced tantrum that resulted in her arrest at Orlando International Airport.

The New York woman charged towards a Frontier Airlines worker after telling her young son to watch his sister because she was going to "f*** this b**** up."

Her small daughter's heartbreaking sobs -- and a blast of pepper spray -- didn't deter Pierre from trying to hit employees or throw a keyboard.

The woman took the crazy to a new level when she picked up a nearby metal pole and lunged it at a plexiglass divider and launched other objects in workers' direction. Fortunately, police arrived before the unhinged mother could seriously hurt anyone.

Instagram followers called for her poor children to be taken away from her after viewing a photo and video of the incident on user Enrique Santos' account. One can only guess that the children have witnessed similar scenes in the past and knew what to expect; Pierre's daughter tearfully pleaded with her to stop because she didn't want her to go to jail.

I feel so bad for this little girl for so many reasons.

It's a shame that she had to witness something like this. Children shouldn't have to see grown adults act like idiots. It's even more of a shame that this little girl had to witness her own mother being to one acting like a fool. This gives you an idea of how neglected this little girl is and how she will be raised (or not raised) as she grows up and it makes me feel terrible for her. People today have children and then barely take care of them. There's more to being a parent than just making sure they have food and shelter.

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