WATCH: William Shatner's Response to Space Trip Will Bring You to Tears

In Blue Origin's second successful launch of sending humans to outer space, William Shatner became the oldest person to ever go to space.

It only seems right, doesn't it? Star Trek's Captain Kirk should really get to go to space, don't you agree?

Once the capsule successfully landed and the astronauts stepped out of it, Shatner began chatting with Jeff Bezos about his experience. It was very apparent that he thought that this experience was the greatest experience of his life and his words described it perfectly.

Deadline reported,

As other Blue Origin crew members whooped and hollered and pop champagne outside their landed spacecraft, William Shatner chatted with Jeff Bezos to describe the experience, often in philosophical terms.

Now the oldest person ever to go into space, Shatner, 90, called his flight “unbelievable” and “profound.”

“I hope I never recover from this,” Shatner, filled with emotion, told Bezos, in a moment captured live by Blue Origin and carried on cable networks.

He focused on the contrast of the blue of the earth with the blackness of space, even wondering if it is a situation where “that is life and that is death.”

“What is unknown until you do it is this pillar is this soft blue, the beauty of that color and it is so thin, and you are through with it in an instant,” Shatner said.

He described the thinness of the Earth’s atmosphere compared to the vastness of space.

“The jeopardy, the vulnerability of everything is so small. This air that is keeping us alive is thinner than your skin,” he said.
He told Bezos that “what you have given me is the most profound experience,” while saying, “Everybody in the world needs to do this. Everybody in the world needs to see this.”

What are your thoughts on this? Would you go to outer space via Blue Origin or SpaceX? I tell you one thing, all of the flat earthers would be convinced of a spherical planet if they took this ride.

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