WATCH: White Man Denies Being a White Man During Democrat Debate

Democrats are busting their butts to try and secure some positions of authority in the upcoming elections.

Everyone is expecting a red tide to come in and for Republicans to retake the House and the Senate. I sure hope that this is true, but we'll find out in just a few more weeks.

A trick that one Democrat used to try and appeal to the rest of the liberals who would be voting for him was to distance himself away from white people as much as possible. Democrat Rich Caruso, who is a white man running for mayor of Los Angeles, denied being a white man.

“The next mayor of Los Angeles will be either an African-American woman or a white man,” asserted Telemundo anchor Dunia Elvir after referencing a racial scandal concerning now-resigned Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez.

Well, as you know, being a white man is a crime in this day and age, and he wanted to separate himself from the white man as much and as quickly as possible.

“I’m Italian,” Caruso told Elvir, seemingly trying to raise his political currency. “That’s Latin, thank you.”

“An Italian American,” the moderator responded.

Later in the debate, the celebrity-backed candidate emphasized that all communities must work together to create a better city.

“I connect with the Latino community but quite frankly my job as mayor is to connect with every community — the Latino community, the black community, the Asian community, right? The Jewish community,” Caruso said, The Daily Caller reported.

“If one group rises, we all rise. We do this together in unison and we don’t separate, we don’t divide. But we all say to ourselves we can do this and we can have a better city.”

Is it true that an Italian is actually Latino? Well, yes, it is, but here's the can be both a white man and Latino at the same time.

Daily Wire

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