WATCH: White House in Crisis After Joe’s Loose Lips Reveal More National Secrets

The White House is in disarray, with allegations that Press Secretary Jen Psaki is attempting to hit the road, and Biden's own Chief of Staff publicly slamming him.

Biden's gaffes in Europe not only embarrassed the country, but they were also terrifying.

To make matters worse, when Biden went home, he suggested a clandestine special operations mission assisting the Ukrainian military.

Politico reported,

After delivering remarks about the White House’s new budget request, Biden answered a reporter’s question about comments he made when meeting the 82nd Airborne in Poland, in which he implied American forces would be going to Ukraine. Biden denied that’s what he meant, adding: “We’re talking about helping train the Ukrainian troops that are in Poland.”

Pressed again, Biden said, “I was referring to being with, and talking with, the Ukrainian troops that are in Poland.”

Biden's unintentional disclosure came about 24 hours after he called for Russian regime change, prompting the White House to "clarify" Joe's remarks.

After Joe leaked the information, the Pentagon refused to respond, and officials in Poland refused to confirm or deny that US troops were collaborating with Ukrainian forces on their country.

“There are Ukrainian soldiers in Poland interacting on a regular basis with U.S. troops, and that’s what the President was referring to,” said a White House official.

Things have gotten so bad that Psaki is rumored to be looking for a job on a mainstream television network because she is sick of having to clean up after the senile old man.

Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain also threw Biden under the bus by posting a comment highlighting that Joe really messed up when he called for regime change in Russia.

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