WATCH VIDEO: Father Kills Coyote With The Unthinkable To Save His Toddler

One snowy day in New Hampshire a Father was forced to defend his family from an aggressive coyote with his bare hands.

That's a feat for sure and the most remarkable thing about this story is that the toddler which is a two-year-old wasn't even scratched in the whole process.

Could you imagine having no gun on hand yet your child is being taken away by a wild animal? I would do anything to protect my son so this man is a Hero including his wife that pulled their son away. He is especially that with such a battle to only be able to have his hands to rid of this vicious animal in the nick of time.

His story is remarkable. He definitely made sure that the animal wasn't coming back again for his family.

Ian O’Reilly said that the coyote tried to take his son. Thankfully he only managed to grab the boy by his jacket and he was left unscathed. But seeing that the animal wasn’t willing to run off or back down, O’Reilly knew he was going to have to take measures into his own hands to make sure there would not be any more attacks.

O’Reilly said, “There was no interest in it going away. [I] ultimately had to make the decision to become the aggressor and jumped on it, attacked it and [got] it to the ground. When I was able to get on top of it, I put my hand on its snout so it wasn’t able to attack me. There was quite a bit of snow on the ground, so I shoved the face into the snow and then eventually was able [to] put my hand on its snout and expire it through suffocation. Ultimately one hand on its windpipe and one hand on its snout did the trick.”

Make sure to watch this video below in its entirety. By the way, Don't mess with this family!

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