WATCH: Taco Bell Manager Throws Boiling Hot Water on Women After Incorrect Order Dispute

I say it all the time, people are crazy nowadays. Call it what you want, but there are some jobs that I'm just not going to allow my children to have if I can help it.

When I was younger, I worked in fast food. I think a lot of people do that. I don't plan on ever letting my children work at a fast-food restaurant. Not unless the society that we live in changes dramatically.

Some people may suggest that this is keeping them from experiencing something that is part of life, but I disagree. Nowhere is it written that children must work a job at a fast-food restaurant.

It's just not safe anymore. I can even remember the last time that I worked at a fast-food restaurant many years ago and I actually had to lock someone out because they were being threatening. Things have gotten so much worse since then. People get shot over putting mayo on their sandwich when they asked for no mayo. It's insane. People have no chill and honestly, it almost makes me want to say yeah, just ban guns. But I know that criminals would still get them and there are way too many guns in this country to possibly be able to confiscate all of them. Plus, you and I both know what happens when the government seizes and controls the guns in this country.

A recent incident at a Taco Bell in Dallas, Texas is a perfect example of why I don't want my kids working fast-food. Thankfully, nobody was shot, but a store manager felt threatened enough to throw boiling water on two women after they started coming back behind the counter after being upset over an order.

People. It's food. Take a chill pill. It's really not that serious.

Honestly, I'm not sure what the full story is yet, but from what I can gather, the women allege that they received the wrong order numerous times and that the employees were the ones being confrontational. I doubt that this is the full story, but I'd still be willing to bet that these two women win their case regardless because unless they pulled out a knife or a gun, there's no reason to throw hot water on them.

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