WATCH: Senile Joe Biden Gets Lost on His Way to Work...After Being Shown Where to Go

It's just sad nowadays having to watch Joe Biden bumbling around to get by, stuttering his words,

It's rare that he makes public appearances and this time it was obvious that he was very confused and disoriented.

This time, it was not Biden's words that came off as completely baffling and concerning. It was his actions. Joe Biden did not appear to know where he was.

The incident happened on Tuesday while Biden was on the White House property. The Secret Service agents were surrounding him for what should have been a simple walk back into the White House.

They were guiding him back in, but Biden got confused about which way he was supposed to go. This happened even in spite of the fact that the agents were signaling with him to follow them in. Biden went off the path that leads directly to the entrance of the his home. When he finally realized his error, he gave them a thumbs up.

Thankfully, there is a video of the incident, and it went viral. Many people immediately posted their comments and tweets. While this is becoming typical Biden behavior, most viewers thought that his actions were very bizarre.

Honestly, you've got to feel bad for the Secret Service agents whose job it is to protect the President, because they really don't have to protect him from much other than himself.

This wasn't the first time that we've seen him get lost and forget where he's going. To be honest, this is the third time that I can think of off the top of my head, but it's likely that there are several other occasions as well that I'm not thinking about.

One of them was on the tarmac when Kamala Harris had to help guide him along with the agents. Then there was another time during a press conference, and now this.

Really, under the Biden regime, the Secret Service is nothing more than a group of glorified babysitters.

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